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I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.
—from "Invictus" by W.E. Henley

I've been helping businesses and visitors in Japan since 1987, and am the co-founder and CEO of eSolia Inc, my IT management firm. I like to create, manage, negotiate, drum, run, cycle and pay attention to the details. More oversharing on my , if you're so inclined.

I hope you'll find something informative in my content.

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Japan Rail Sensational Signage

Like Schrödinger’s cat or the USB “two flip” rule, it appears there’s a diabolical master plan by The Japan Rail Authorities to thwart any cursory examination of Their signage.

By Rick Cogley,
on 2-Feb-2016
In Japan Humor Travel

Still Fresh

HHKB Keyboard Driver Status

If you jumped on the OS X El Capitan upgrade, and you are a user of the PFU HHKB “Happy Hacking” keyboard with its buttery-smooth yet perfectly-firm Topre switches, you might have noticed it does not work.

By Rick Cogley,
on 2-Feb-2016

MediaWiki Tips

To jog my own memory for the next time, I assembled this handy list of tips for setting up a MediaWiki site.

By Rick Cogley,
on 17-Dec-2015

U-Can Japan New Words and Buzzwords

I love autumn in Japan for various reasons - the crisp weather, the excellent food, the approach of the holiday season. And new words and buzzwords!

By Rick Cogley,
on 5-Dec-2015

Ran my first race ever, a 5K

I have been running for a while, so I thought I would run in a race, my first ever. I signed up, then later got a pretty big surprise.

By Rick Cogley,
on 10-Oct-2015

Odd SSL Problem caused by Old Open Keychain

I had a really odd problem, with SSL (https://) sites after having upgraded to OS X El Capitan. Chrome would not load SSL-protected websites (Safari was fine for the same ones), and then I got a blank screen in the Flowdock Mac app. By chance, I figured out how to fix it, and thought I would share what happened.

By Rick Cogley,
on 7-Oct-2015

Fix Apple OS X Mail Crashing and Hanging

Have you been frustrated by OS X Mail.app crashing or hanging? This happens to me from time to time, even though I keep OS X updated to the latest version. Well, I found a fix that works for me anyway, and you might try it.

By Rick Cogley,
on 25-Sep-2015